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2015 All-Bearcat Picnic:
The date is set for the seventh annual picnic. Join us on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the PERA Club in Tempe. The picnic is meant for all RHS classes, their families, and the faculty and staff. Bring your own food, drink, and name tags, but no booze!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Some Bearcats Have a Picnic

Thanks mostly to the diligent and skillful organization of Tess Ozuna '69, a bunch o' Bearcats (1961 - 1976) gathered in Phoenix for a reunion picnic on March 14, 2009. About 115 people showed up, and from all indications (to borrow a phrase from small town newspapers everywhere), a good time was had by all!

The prize for the best group photograph goes to George Dewey '69, who sent this fine shot of the class of '69. But wait. It seems that George is in the picture. Figure that out. Anyway, the picture:

Front row: Jim Lemon, Susan Duggins Acton, Joanne Hatfield, Lorrie Winkle LeFevers, Doug Endsley, Bill Castro, Clarine Brandt Haslag (standing). Second row: Jack Garrity, Linda O'Guin Mitchell, Roxana Cluff Garrity, Tess Ozuna, Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain, George Dewey, Eliza Guzman Brunner, Terry Dear. Third row: Larry Avants, Keith Otts, Phil Bidegain, Craig Duffy, Leslie Taft Gilchrist. Back row: Charlotte Giroux Johnson, Tony Meza.

Hold on. There are more pictures. Lots and lots more pictures. And hey, if you see a name that's wrong or you know somebody who's identified as "???" in one of the captions, please help us out by leaving a comment with the correction. We don't want to be contributing to anyone's identity crisis here.

Doug Williams '62 and Louella Ozuna '63 can't help but say, "This is a great gathering!"

Avelardo Munoz '63 catching up with Mrs. Ellen Endsley and Mary Lou Knauff Long '66. While Charlotte Giroux Johnson '69 and Doug Endsley '69 contemplate the years past.

Front: Mrs. Ellen Endsley, Mary Lou Knauff Long '66. Back: Mrs. Caroline Giroux, Patty Coffey Sirls '66, Doug Williams '62. ~ That looks like some serious talking in the back.

Patty Coffey Sirls '66 and Louella Ozuna '63 confidently smiling because they know that Jill Barras has their backs as she diverts the attention of the headless man. Shhhh!

Mrs. Ellen Endsley and her boy Doug. ~ Can you believe that Mrs. Endsley actually remembered us all!? Well, mostly those who made regular visits to the school office ... all official school business, of course!

Hatfield girls: Joanne '69 and Linda Garcia '68 ... SISTER POWER!

Jenkin girls: Sue Ann '69 and her mom, Betty. ~ Gotta hug her for making the trip up from Kearny to visit with us! We love you, Mrs. Jenkin!

Winkle girls: Gretchen Boggs '77, Lorrie LeFevers '69, Debbie Castro '71? ~ Hey! Where's that Melissa girl '70 ... maybe next year she'll be able to make the trip up from Tucson?

Front: Craig Duffy '69, George Dewey '69, Jack Garrity '69. Back: Mandy McGee '68.

Mrs. Betty Jenkin, Patty Coffey Sirls '66, Mike Coffey '64.

Tony Bueno '68, Robin Coffey '69. ~ Hey, what is it about the hands in the pockets? ... is Jack Garrity behind this trend?!

Chris Dear Hanson '70, Jack Garrity '69, Phil Bidegain '69. ~ See? ... hands in pockets.

Joanne Hatfield '69, Doddi Van Blitterswiijk Garner '68, Linda Hatfield '68, Linda O'Guin Mitchell '69. ~ Okay ... whatcha looking at ... pictures ... do tell!?

Roxana Cluff Garrity '69, Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain '69. ~ We remember those smiles!

Leslie Taft Gilchrist '69 pondering, "Why am I here ... aren't I retired?" Tess Ozuna '69 pretending to have a clue as she explains the complicated but simple labeling system she threw together at 5:00 a.m. and John Evancevich smiling in relief, "I had nothing to do with this system!"

Charlotte Giroux Johnson '69, Mrs. Caroline Giroux, Mary Roensch '69 ~ You are so awesome, Mrs. Giroux, for spending the day with us! She's a keeper.

The Coffey Sibs plus one: Mike Coffey '64, Mary Lou Knauff Long '66, Patty Coffey Sirls '66, Robin Coffey '69.

Roxana Cluff Garrity '69, Clarine Brandt Haslag '69. ~ There go those smiles again.

Manuel Lopez '68 and his wife, Levina.

Jack Garrity '69, Susan Duggins Acton '69. ~ Clever. The camera man taking a picture of the camera woman. Jack, what say you?

Roxana Cluff Garrity '69, Leslie Taft Gilchrist '69, Manuel Lopez '68. ~ Quick, Leslie, look away! Manuel's about to bedazzle you.

Tessie Ozuna '69, Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain '69.

Lorrie Winkle LeFevers '69, Linda O'Guin Mitchell '69, Roxana Cluff Garrity '69.

Charlotte Giroux Johnson '69, Mrs. Caroline Giroux, and Mrs. Ellen Endsley getting a lesson from Jim Lemon '69 on the intricacies of "da cap." Doug Williams '62 and Mike Coffey '64 having a sit down chat ... Robin Coffey '69 are you daydreaming about the good old days? Way in the back: ???, ???, Keith Otts '69 and Nancy Otts.

???, Ramona Meza, Linda Hatfield '68 ~ Is this one of those scary RHS tales, Linda? Oh, oh, remember that time at the cemetry?!

Terry Dear '69, Craig Duffy '69, Larry Avants '69, and Phil Bidegain '69 all shooting the RHS bull ... just like it was in those days of yore!

Gerri Garcia Putman '66 and Roy Putman taking in the fun. "Bet ya' that they can't get that grill going."

Arranged by height order: Charlotte Giroux Johnson '69, Leslie Taft Gilchrist '69, Mary Roensch '69, Joanne Hatfield '69, Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain '69, and Jeanne Roensch Stritzinger '72 (lilac shirt).

Tony Meza '69 with Terry Dear '69 and Eliza Guzman Brunner '69 in synchronized arm positions. Cool!

Jack Garrity '69 and Pete Acton in eye-to-eye conversation ... dah hands?!

Mrs. Caroline Giroux and Larry Avants '69.

Tess Ozuna '69 and Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain '69 ... "Sue Ann, keep looking for something to throw at this guy. I'll blind him with my shiny teeth, but any closer and "I" will bite him!? Dang the papparazzo!"

The Meza Family: Jessica*, Tony '69, TJ, Ramona. ~ *Or is this Amanda, sorry.

Craig Duffy '69, Terry Dear '69, Eliza's guest, Eliza Guzman Brunner'69, Rena Avants.

Doug Williams '62, Robin Coffey '69, Patty Coffey Sirls '66, Mike Coffey '64, Gary Barras '70. ~ Gary, are you getting all technical?

The Herricks. Lots and lots of them! Cal's behind the picture taking. Hope you all had fun cuz we loved that you all could make it!!

Jack Garrity '69, Phil Bidegain '69, Corrine Bidegain, and Levina Lopez. ~ Okay, I will say it, "Way cool hat!"

Avelardo Munoz '63, John Evancevich, Terry LeFevers ... what are you up to?!

Hey! what's she got in her pocket?! Debbie Winkle Castro '72 and these two smiley girls?

Jack Garrity '69, Robin Coffey '69. Okay, n-o-w do you believe me about those hands? Must be a guy thing.

David L. Williams '68 and his wife, Terry.

Mary Ann Corral Bueno '68, Linda O'Guin Mitchell '69, Charlotte Giroux Johnson '69 ~ this has to be about grandkids.

Jan Herrick and daughter-in-law?

Rena Avants and DeAnn Hepler Smith '69.

Jack Garrity '69, Doug Endsley '69 ~ Ahhh! Finally, showing hands.

Craig Duffy '69, Phil Bidegain '69, Corrine Bidegain.

Doddi Van Blitterswijk Garner '68, Rena Avants, Mrs. Charlotte Giroux, Larry Avants '69 ~ Oh, oh. Avants are you trying to thumb a ride from these gals?!

Brenda Steveson Rupert '69, Tom Rupert '68.

Mandy McGee '68, Sue Ann Jenkin Fountain '69, Leslie Taft Gilchrist '69 ~ How sweet ... a Kodak moment. "Just a moment ... I know the little whatca-ma-jigger button is somewhere. Sue Ann can you see where it went?" (Note Leslie's quick action to strike a pose ... she still has it after all these years!)

Keith Otts '69 and his wife, Nancy. ... hope you two had better luck starting the fire.

SMILE! You're on RHS candid camera: Mrs. Aletha Dewey (George's mom), Karen Dewey (sister), George Dewey '69. Our proms would have been a disaster without the Dewey Floral and Nursery? (cough! Really, the guys would have been up a literal Gila River without the corsages ... you know know how women never forget those little details!!) Thanks for blessing us with your presence!

???, ??? ~ Are these cool looking people part of the Acton family?

Class of '66: Mary Lou Knauff Long, Robert Henderson, Patty Coffey Sirls, Calvin Herrick, Tom Rupert (imposter from the class of '68), Gerri Garcia Putman, Diane Taft LaVera.

???. Hey, is that Billy Castro with the red hat? It is. He tried to trade with Phil, but no deal.


Kimberly Dyer (Bird) said...

What a treat to look at all these photos! I can honestly say I recognized just about everyone . . . well, especially the ones involved with sports! You all look wonderful and I'm SOOO looking forward to seeing you either in Globe or next year in March. Hubby and I tour full-time, so I hope to see some of you "on the road." George, I'll see you in November and Kelly Walter, I'll see you in September. www.arvelbird.com - hubby's tour schedule is posted. Kimberly Dyer (Bird)

Anonymous said...

My gramma is Aletha Dewey. I miss her so much. :'(

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