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2015 All-Bearcat Picnic:
The date is set for the seventh annual picnic. Join us on Saturday, March 21, 2015 at the PERA Club in Tempe. The picnic is meant for all RHS classes, their families, and the faculty and staff. Bring your own food, drink, and name tags, but no booze!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

A Little Reminiscing for the Class of 1960

Came across a Copper Basin News of June 18, 1970. The class of '60 held their 10 year class reunion at the GKI in Kearny in 1970. This year we celebrated, maybe a better word is "reached" our 50th class reunion. What a ride!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clarine Brandt Haslag Tells Her Story

I lived in Dudleyville with my two sons and taught school in Kearny and Winkelman until my husband got a job with AMARC here in Tucson. He's an accountant where they keep the old airplanes at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

I presently teach 6th grade math (hard-to-believe I know) and social studies at Gridley Middle School in the TUSD school district. I'm hoping to retire in about three years. With the way our economy and state legislature is going, I might have to work longer.

My oldest son, Bill, is coming home from China in August. He's been there for about three years. He was teaching English at the University of Beijing this past year. He plans to get a Masters in Urban Planning. Tom and I visited with him in China two years ago. I've attached a picture of my tour group with the Chinese military group in front of the Forbidden City (Imperial Palace). Can you find me? (In the red jacket) What a place!

My second son, Matt, is a graphic design artist with Betts Printing in Tucson. I am not a grandmother yet and probably won't be in the near future.

My sister Ellen lives in Winters, California near Sacramento. She is a teacher at a Christian school there where she teaches art and social studies. She is married to a nurse-practioner who she met at NAU (I met mine at NAU too! NAU is a great place to find your future spouse!). She has one daughter who is getting a Masters in theology in Eugene, Oregon and is expecting a baby in December.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Lawmen, Ray Arizona

I came across this article while looking over some of my father-in-laws stuff.. A cool story about a battle between anglos and mexicans where a bunch of men died over the theft of one horse... Hope you can enlarge it enough to read it. Just click on the article...

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Some Bearcats Scan Their Yearbooks

Alfred Lopez '60 sent some scans from the1960 Ray High yearbook for everyone's enjoyment. That seemed like such a good idea that there's now a project underway to scan more (all?) of the old Ray High yearbooks and put them online. Here are links to the books that are at least partway done:
You Can Help!

If you have a scanner and an old yearbook or two, you can help with this project by doing some of the scanning. First, check with Russ at rrrmac@gmail.com for brief instructions and to make sure somebody else isn't already working on the same yearbook that you want to scan. Then just go for it! Send the resulting files to the same email address and we'll do the rest.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Kathy Linsley Farrell Says, "Hi."

Dear all,

I am looking forward to attending the March 20th reunion picnic. I figure that it has been at least 25 or so years since I have seen most of you--except for Charlotte Giroux whom I saw when my father died about that time. Maybe it is age, but have been thinking about those early years a lot lately. Went to boarding school in Tucson from 64-67 before moving to Chicago and graduating in 1969 there. My mother died that year so I think that early life got closed up somehow in memory. Being a high school debater earned me a scholarship and I ended up as a professor of communication and a college administrator at various places but most recently at the University of Iowa for 12 years and now at Saint Louis University. My sisters Judy and Julie (the twins) are both in New Mexico and Patricia the youngest will come with me to the picnic. I look forward to seeing you.

-- Kathy Linsley

PS: I am now married to Julian Long and living in the heart of the city of St. Louis. Anyone driving across the country is welcome to our informal bed and breakfast.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Class of '60 Plans Fiftieth Anniversary Church Service

The class of 1960 will begin their fiftieth anniversary celebration with a church service at the Infant Jesus of Prauge Catholic Church in Kearny on April 11, 2010 at 12:30 PM. Anastacio Rivera will conduct the Mass.

We invite members of the class of 1960 and friends and family from Ray and Sonora to join us for the service and a reception afterward at the Parish Hall.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Class of 1970 Try to Find Themselves

The Class of 1970 is busily searching for classmates to gather at the 2nd Annual RHS Picnic on Saturday, March 20th. In addition, the Class will also meet for a casual evening on Friday, March 19th. For details, contact Susan Hartung Perez at imapita1@cox.net or 480 917-8315. Please know that ALL classes need to RSVP to Tessie Ozuna at 480 962-5105 H or Verizon 602 295-5315 ~ tsozuna@cox.net