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Sunday, June 14, 2009

Decades-Old Mystery Remains Unsolved

One fine day in the late '60s, Ray High's first-hour band class arrived ready to toot their horns, only to find themselves unsupervised because the band director, Mr. Davidson, was missing in action. They all tried to keep occupied by warming up their instruments, ending their endless conversations, or trying to catch a few extra zzzzz’s ... all while, in the background, Lance Giroux’s fingers were burning up a storm as he warmed up to Rimsky Korsakov’s Flight of the Bumblebee.

Apparently, a band (cough, cough ... get it? b-a-n-d?) of our peers had gone, under cover of darkness, to Mr. Davidson’s house and managed to corner his little bug--his Volkswagen, that is--in the carport. One can only imagine Mr. Davidson’s expression when he exited his home to find that he couldn't drive to school because his VW had somehow levitated and lighted itself such that there was no way he could drive it out. Heh, heh.

The mystery surrounding this incident remains to this day. However, the statute of limitations on such pranks has surely expired, and we now call upon the masterminds who conceived and executed this brilliant plan to step forward, admit responsibility, and claim the glory that is rightfully theirs.

Whose idea was this? When did it happen? Where did the planning occur (e.g., at the park by the swimming pool, Bob’s Drive-in, or by the swinging bridge)? “Sing it sister … or brother!!” Who do we thank for starting what could have been a rather mundane day with some sweet excitement?

If you were involved, you owe it to your comrades to click on the "comments" link below and fess up. If you weren't involved, but you know who was, you can click on the "comments" link below and rat on your friends. If you have no clue, click on the "comments" link anyway to see what the others are saying.


Anonymous said...


As far as the VW goes you may want to look in the direction of the Grisby boys and one Joe Foster. There was another who may have been involved but I cannot remember his name. He teaches OSHA and MSHA classes in Globe.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Anonymous. Based on your lead, I was able to research and find one of the Grigsby boys. A close source to this "boy" said that she "had heard of this story." We will have to wait until this weekend to get the real dirt from this "boy" who "... wasn't the mastermind but I am sure he was one of the muscles behind this" caper. Desert Sleuth

Anonymous said...

Hello to both the "boys" from their old friend .....THE MASKED RIDER FROM NEW YORK

Anonymous 70 said...

I deny any part in this matter my brother and I have been framed. I think it might hace been the band members who didn't want to have practie that morning.

Anonymous '69 said...

Exactly. Probably just one or two of the girls from the flute section.

Anonymous said...

WHOA, wait a 40+ year moment!! If any of our band members is guilty of pulling off and suppressing such a plot, it must have been someone in the french horn or sax section. Flutists, stand together and help clear your names! I know for a fact that it couldn't have been Lance Giroux because wasn't he thinking of running for office? And the rest of us, well, we just couldn't cook up such a plot! ~ Gosh, it dawned on me that maybe no one will come forward because they have forgotten they did it ... yes, a senior moment of major portions!

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