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Thursday, June 18, 2009

Steve Kuykendall Tells Another Moving VW Story

Roy Woods drove a Volkwagen beetle (If my memory serves me it was Roy's - although it seems that Mrs. Kelso also drove a VW, so not sure.) and always parked it right in front of the office. The locker room, which was covered by a roof but open on the sides, had a raised concrete section in the center with no lockers. One morning a bunch of us football players (we were the state champs that year by the way - 1966) had a great idea. We went out and picked up the VW and carried it through the wide doorway into the locker room and high centered it on the concrete platform. We then went back to class. I was in Mr. Crowell's trig class and could see the locker room through the windows. Pretty soon one of the girls walked by and stopped with her mouth open, and then ran to the office to notify Mr. Woods. Soon they were all out of the office and staring at the car, scratching their heads.

A few minutes later Mrs. Endsley announced over the intercom that the football team needed to come to the office. Some witness had squealed. We headed to the office and Mr. Woods walked us out to the car and asked us to move it back out to the parking lot. He took it with reasonable humor and didn't place anyone on detention. We carried the car back to its original location and nothing more was said.

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Russ said...

I wonder whose idea this was, and who the "squealer" was. Anybody know?

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