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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kathy Case Kangas Tells Her Story

I am Kathy Case Kangas. My parents were Randolph and Berniece Case.

My dad first was teacher and principal at Washington Elementary School, Sonora AZ. Then he became principal of Lincoln Elementary School along with Washington Elementary School. And he was also a substitute teacher. I was in one of the classrooms that he substituted for. My dad was Principal of Lincoln Elementary until we left there in 1963. My mother was English and History teacher at Ray High School. She came after Mrs. Crowell was librarian (I think) and took it because nobody else wanted to! She was Jr., Sr. Class sponsor, and also Prom sponsor. In the meantime she was also the drama, play director.

We moved to Seligman AZ 1963-1964, then to Ajo AZ 1964-1980. My mother quit teaching in 1980 and Dad retired 1981.

I graduated from Ajo High School class of 1967. I was held back a year in fourth grade due to illness and would've graduated with the class of 1966. Even though I finished high school in Ajo I wanted to stay with my friends in Kearny and graduate with them!

It was the jobs that brought my parents to Ray. They had attended the University of Arizona and were looking for work. They completed their masters of education in 1957, Tempe Normal School, for education.

Tess asked me about some of my dad's trials as principal. The main thing was discipline as it is today. Dad always tried to be fair in every situation. Don't know if these boys in particular remember this scene: During their 8th grade time a bunch of boys were becoming girl crazy and some rather bullish, always picking on someone. So finally my dad had enough and had them box it out in a real ring. I think with the help of Mr. Murchison and some of the coaches. There were some blows and some bloody noses but after that no more fights! Another trial must have been to him to have me as one of his students! Never thought of that until just now. To me I was always trying to keep out of the way.

I have a complete set of annuals from Ray High School that I would like to be able to scan somehow. Would also like to keep in touch with everybody.

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