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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Mrs. Gudrun Kelso Passes Away

Our beloved Kelsito (Mrs. Gudrun Kelso) died at 9:42 AM on October 16, 2009, just twelve days before her 99th birthday. She is now our Angel Loved One and at rest.

This picture was taken on March 16, 2009. She is sitting at her desk in her lovely home in Kearny.

Services were held on October 23 at the Church of the Good Shepherd United Methodist Church in Kearny. Please click here for a more complete obituary.


Anonymous said...

I wish to send my sympathies for Mrs Kelso and the family of Mrs.Ruth Coffey.Both very good friends with my parents,Randolph and Bernice Case.Being teachers daughter I got to know the other teachers as friends not just as a teacher.Mrs.Kelso and my Mom and I took turns riding between Kearny to Ray for school.I was not lucky enough to be a student of either Mrs.Kelso or Mrs.Coffey but knew Mr. and Mrs. Coffey through the activities they participated in.

F James Celis said...

Ya Callate!...Silence please! These were the famous words from Mrs Kelso when you got too rowdy in her class. Truly a friend and mentor to countless students for many,many years at Ray High. She burned her life's candle to the very end... she had a full and rich life. Though she had no biological children...no one had more kids than Mrs Kelso...she had students that became her "kids" for nearly 30 years at Ray High. These children became adults, parents, grandparents,and even great grandparents and still continued a close relationship with Mrs. Kelso. At my last conversation with Mrs Kelso she said she was ready to go on to meet her Maker. We will miss this wonderful woman who gave so much of herself to our community and educational system. Hasta Luego Y Adios Mrs Kelso...

Your Best Looking Student...

Jim Celis

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