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Friday, April 1, 2011

Myra Savant Says, "Hi."

I was born in Ray in 1944 and can remember most of the elementary school teachers' names.

First grade: Mrs. Smith, second, Miss Holmes, who married and became Mrs. Durenberger. third: Mrs Hubbard, fourth Miss Collins, Fifth, Mrs. Powers, Sixth, Mr Avants, Seventh Mr. Kuykendall and I don't remember 8th grade. Our school nurse was Mrs. Blair I think, and the principal was Mr Case. I seem to remember that the superintendent was Mr. Herbert, but I could definitely be wrong on that.

I have a photo somewhere of our first grade class.

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Anonymous said...

I remember Mrs. Edith Powers, Mr. Avants and Mr. Kuykendall. Mr. Avants gave me a ride in his new Studebaker Golden Hawk in '56 or so. I still want that car! The super--Mr. Hershel Hooper, maybe. I recall Mrs. Kelso, the Spanish teacher, and I lived next door to her.
Richard Laitinen

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